Idioms based on parts of the body - Advanced level (C1).

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There are many idioms based on parts of body. Below you can find the most common ones:



To fall head over heels in love - To start to love someone passionately

To bite someone's head off - To speak to someone angrily

To keep your head above the water - To have just enough money to live on

To bang your head against a brick wall - To keep trying to achieve or communicate something, but with no success



To keep an eye on - To look after something or someone

To catch someone's eye - to be noticed by someone

To see eye to eye - To have the same opinion

To cast your eye over something - To have a quick look at something



To turn a deaf ear - To pretend not to hear

To play something by ear - To decide how to deal with a situation as it develops

To keep your ear to the ground - To watch and listen carefully to what is happening around you



To keep your nose to the grindstone - To continue working very hard without stopping

To pay through the nose - To spend far too much on something

To turn your nose up at something - To reject something because you don't feel it's good enough for you



To be down in the mouth - To feel miserable



To bite your tongue - To stop yourself from saying something you want to say

To be on the tip of your tongue - Not quite be able to remember something

To say something tongue in-cheek - To be ironic



To put someone's mind at rest - To make someone stop worrying



To break someone's heart - To make someone who loves you very sad

To do something to your heart's content - To do something as much as you want to

To feel your heart sink - To feel despairing



To be a dab hand - To be good at something

To keep your hand in something - To practise a skill so that you do not lose it

To give someone a hand - To help someone

To get out of hand - To get out of control



To keep your fingers crossed - To hope things will happen the way you want them to



To put your foot down - To tell someone firmly that they must do something

To put your foot in it - To say something tactless

Not put a foot wrong - To behave perfectly


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