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Jamie Rivers

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Hi there! My name is Jamie and I am an experienced native-level English teacher. My background is in Politics and International Relations, and I have just come from the UK, home for the past five years. The need to communicate well in English is very important these days, as we find ourselves in a globalised world that is more interconnected than ever before.

I have helped many students in the past improve their English, pass their exams, gain fluency and improve their written and oral comprehension.

I believe that learning a new language is very personal to each individual. That’s why I use a system that incorporates artificial intelligence, measures students’ progress in real time, detects what you know and what you haven’t acquired yet and only offers content to practice language that you haven’t learnt yet.

What does this mean for you? You will experience a much faster learning progress, gain fluency and confidence and you’ll be engaged and motivated. You will need less investment as you’ll learn more in less time.

So, what´s in it for you? Unlike other teachers who base their lessons on a textbook, my lessons are flexible and personalised according to your interests. I offer one-to-one or group private lessons to both individuals and organisations which can be conducted at your home, at a public place like a café or bar, or via webcam. A core element of my teaching approach is exposure. The more you are exposed to a language, the more you hear it and speak it, the better you become at it. This is why in my lessons you will be practicing your communicative skills all throughout and will be continuously evaluated in real time.

I am also resourceful. I am part of a large network of freelance English teachers known as Oxinity. We have a system with endless learning resources that are updated in real time and which has been jointly created by members of this community. I also speak Spanish and Catalan at a native level and have a basic-intermediate level of French. This means that, just like you, I have also undergone the process of learning a new language! In my lessons you will find a dynamic, patient and motivated teacher, who will try to exploit your maximum potential and increase your confidence when speaking or writing in English.
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  • Infantil y preescolar, primaria, ESO, bachillerato, universitarios, adultos
  • Empresas, autónomos y profesionales (in company)
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  • Se desplaza a domicilio
  • Online (webcam, Skype, Classgap)
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  • Inglés
  • Catalán
  • Español
  • Francés
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  • Grado:

    Politics and International Relations

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Sofia Jamie, es un profesor estupendo. Buena persona y con una gran me...

Ga I am a French student and Jamie was a great teacher during my ye...

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Jamie Rivers

Jamie Rivers
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Jamie Rivers
Jamie Rivers (11) Barcelona Capital (Barcelona)
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