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Currently I work as an ESL Teacher at Pablo Olavide University in Seville.

I have also worked aT VARIOUS ACADEMIES. I have had a variety of experiences as an educator AND i've prepared students exams with success.

In the beginning I volunteered as a teacher at the Orphanage where I worked as a Counselor, mainly after the observation that most of the teenagers were not able to pass their English classes in Junior High School. The lessons helped them overcome the obstacle and all 7 passed their classes without having to return for exams in September. I taught two separate groups divided into younger kids and teenagers.

My experience in teaching refugees during my compulsory military service was rather difficult due to the fact that everything happened very fast and in a very strict environment with no resources. However, I managed to give them some very basic and practical terminology that hopefully helped them throughout their journey.

Finally and more recently, apart from my classes at Pablo de Olavide and at english academies, I gave one-to-one lessons in Barcelona and in Seville. I prepared students for their B1 exams with success.
I've also given in-company lessons at a well respected Design Company in Barcelona called Ars Satel-lit. I taught business English / terminology for 3 years and often I'd help the staff correct their errors in texts, emails, brochures-leaflets and bilingual projects for exhibitions or other services.

One of my strengths is the anticipation of errors, as I 'm very familiar with the typical errors Spanish students make in meaning, grammar, form and pronunciation.
In addition, I'm always a good listener with a lot of patience and awareness of the students' needs, therefore I can provide the maximum of help and motivation and minimize the students' stress and hesitation. I believe my calm thoughtful nature and my studies in Social Work & Psychology have contributed to my approach in teaching.
I've learnt how to set boundaries, maintain discipline and correct timing, while always promoting positive behaviour, encouragement and bringing the best out of my students, as well as finding meaningful connections to life that will assist them throughout their daily routine and contribute to their personal growth.

I'm native and bilingual and I lived in the UK as a child, as well as in the US where half of my family is from. I have lived and traveled extensively in the USA for over a decade pursuing a career in music and additional studies. Having settled in Seville in order to live with my fiancee, I decided to change career and teach English as a foreign language and at the same time work on my first novel and a screenplay for Spanish television.
I'm an avid reader and particularly interested and involved in Arts, so I'd love to contribute in case you would like to organize some activities for your students.
My own love for learning and expanding knowledge has contributed a lot to my teaching style and provides me with all kinds of useful trivia and information, something that has always served me well each time I had to answer to very unexpected questions. Ultimately, this is a good way to always teach students something new that can expand their own knowledge and vocabulary.

please feel free to contact me anytime.
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