Yvonne Wen

Yvonne Wen

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*For students of ESO, HSK, Baccalaureate, University, Adults, Companies
*Nearly 2 years of teaching experience in Europe
*Both good accent of English and Mandarin
*MBA in International Business, BA in English, BS in Financial Management
*Shanghai Interpretation Certificate in Advanced
*Very easy going and patient, love international people from all over the world

Course Feature:
*Suitable for:
*All ages and professionals
*Written and spoken
*Additional value: Get to know more about Chinese culture (food, music, arts, movies, sports, etc.)
*Personalized classes & study plans based on different levels and needs
*Test preparation for ESO, HSK, Baccalaureate, University
*Basic-Intermediate level class:
Pinyin system, basic grammar, simple tense, useful daily conversations (Topics covered: greetings, make phone calls, hotel check in&check out, go shopping, rent a flat, see the doctor, enrich social life, etc )
*Advanced level class: Able to read articles, news, make presentations, write small essays, etc
*Business Chinese class: Job Interview, Working Experiences, Negotiations, Working Abroad, Business Presentations, Business Trips, Colleagues, Managers, Customers, HR, Marketing & Sales, etc.
*Improve your Chinese speaking skills comprehensively in vocabulary & grammar, pronunciation, ways of expressions, build your confidence, and help you talk like a native speaker.

Teaching Style & Additional Information:
Please always be punctual for the class. It's gonna be easier than you thought if you can stay focus in class and complete the homework as required so that we can advance further in the next class. Feel free to make questions anytime during the class if any doubts, it is very important that you are following me all the time. To add extra class, cancel or reschedule the class, please kindly inform 12 hours in advance. Thank you.

Contact me if you are interested, hope to see you soon!!!
Ofrece clases particulares a
  • Estudiantes de bachillerato, universitarios, adultos
  • Empresas, autónomos y profesionales (in company)
Cómo da las clases Yvonne Wen
  • Se desplaza a domicilio
Habla estos idiomas
  • Chino
  • Inglés
  • Español
Formación: títulos, cursos y certificaciones
  • Postgrado/Máster:

    MBA in International Business

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    Lunes Martes Miércoles Jueves Viernes Sábado Domingo
  • Dónde da las clases Yvonne Wen
    Localidades a las que se desplaza para dar clases:
    Barcelona Capital
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Jacopo Yvonne has been a wonderful teacher. I started learning chines...

Iago Yvonne es muy maja y paciente. Se prepara muy bien las clases y...

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Yvonne Wen

Yvonne Wen
27 Años·Profesora con 2 años de experiencia
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Yvonne Wen
Yvonne Wen (5) Barcelona Capital (Barcelona)
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