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Alex is one of the greatest teachers I ever had. She is so enthusiastic and interested in everything: from History to Philosophy to Politics and Art. Her classes are very challenging, yo have to study hard grammar and vocabulary but at the end learning with her was the easiest way for me to improve my Spanish and get a certificate, finally. Thank you very much!!! Also, se is bilingual in English so there is no problem of communication at the beginning!! Cheers, David.


Great, efficient, communicative, and with high linguistic background to help you survive Spanish grammar. Recommend.


Alejandra has been such an amazing Spanish teacher for me! I have learned SO much Spanish from her over the past five months. I am now so much more confident and comfortable talking in Spanish and I can tell how much more I understand every day. I 100% would recommend her as a tutor to anyone! She is super animated and makes learning Spanish a really fun experience and always really accessible (her English is really fluent). She also has a TON of experience and formal education on how to teach Spanish to foreigners which makes her super qualified. She also always comes really prepared to classes with any type of material that is personalized to my learning goals. I can not recommend her enough!! She also is really easy to talk to and flexible to focus on what I want to learn and what style is working. If you’re on the fence about private Spanish tutoring, this is your sign to do it! It’s WAY more worth the money than any academy in Madrid and Alejandra is the best option to go with!


Alex is a wonderful teacher, able to explain even the more profound gramatical issues. Her English is of a great level as well and that makes her perfect to teach all levels of Spanish. I have been in her class for a long time and I really liked the combination of theory and conversational aspects in her method of teaching. She is enthusiastic and tries to keep your attention every second.

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Alejandra G De Foronda

Alejandra G De Foronda
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Alejandra G De Foronda
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