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What determines how well we learn, and how well we put what we learn into practice in real life situations, which is to say: how well we perform?

I have a few answers, but I think I’ll spend my entire life trying to improve them.

I share those answers in my newsletter: The Performing Mind on Substack.

I apply those answers with my clients: Spanish speakers looking to improve their English.

With a mixture of coaching, classes and personalised courses I help them advance their English.

In particular, I help them in these areas:

- Accent and pronunciation. My approach is to help my clients connect with the rhythm of English, something quite essential for Spanish speakers since the rhythm of Spanish is so drastically different to that of English.

- The performance of English. Do you get nervous and foggy-headed when speaking English? I can help with that by sharing insights from performance psychology that ensure you always perform your English at the top of your abilities.

- Phrasal verbs, that most nonsensical area of the English language. Except that there is, in fact, a sense to phrasal verbs. There is an imagistic logic to them, which I can teach you, and which will give you the same intuitive feel for phrasal verbs that natives have.

- Writing. Many are now content to let AIs create generic, geometric texts for them. But people who really care about communication and language know that no AI can capture their voice, their essence, and the nuance their want to communicate. If you’re one of those people, we should work together.

- Public speaking and presentations. From using metaphor and story to get your message across to dealing with stage fright, to making and using your slides right, I help you with every aspect of getting on stage to talk to people.

- The nuances of advanced English. Almost all serious Spanish-speaking professionals now have a C1, but only a few feel truly at home in English. Work with me and you’ll become a native-like speaker.
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Marta Cathal es un gran profesional, que ha captado a la perfección mi...

Jacobo Mata Pinilla I highly recommend Cathal as an English teacher. Over the past t...

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Cathal Larkin

Cathal Larkin
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