Cindy (Cindeline) Rossdale

Cindy (Cindeline) Rossdale

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I customize material for each student. Your likes, your interests, hobbies, personal favorite things and incorporate it into your classes. Articles, books, depending on your preference. You'll feel like it's a class personally designed to suit your unique and beautiful personality to make learning fun, fantastic, funny, captivating and something to look forward to. In my classes I use games like role-playing to help you be ready in any situation. Guessing games with random outrageous images to help with expanding your vocabulary descriptively. Also beautiful destinations to help in a large way whe ypu travel to know all the different "slang" words certain countries use that will be fun and funny to learn in my experience and also easy to learn sentences to be able to communicate fluently if you are in a group traveling or on your own. I can guarantee 100% confidence. I help with pronounciation, anonciation in this sense. I teach grammer in a way it will make sense, because I know in Spanish/Portuguese or even Italian when you speak, pausing in a middle of a sentence doesn't really feel natural because of the intensity of passion that is in used in these languages. Let's get started and customize a class that will help me help you in one of the unique and interesting classes you will ever have. I have taught students from the ages 5-55+ years years old for 6 years face to face and online in TEFL/TESOL/CELTA and IELTS (Business English ??. Only with... Teacher Cindeline?
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Cindy (Cindeline) Rossdale
Cindy (Cindeline) Rossdale
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Cindy (Cindeline) Rossdale
Cindy (Cindeline) Rossdale L'Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona)
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