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Adrián Moreno

Franco es un tutor excepcional, altamente recomendable. Es muy servicial, conocedor y también está dispuesto a poner esfuerzo adicional para asegurarse de que se comprenda el trabajo y se complete dentro del tiempo.

Nicolette Delgadonez

I recommend beginners in research and students of quantitative methods to seek guidance from Franco

Ellin Schmidt

Franco is very professional and considerate. He really takes the time to explain everything clearly!

Amelija Nothom-Blanca

Excellent teacher!! His patience and pedagogy are commendable. My fullest recommendations!

Zoé Moreaun

An incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and so calm person! So much support I received along the way and with positive feedback which gave me the confidence that no matter how difficult some courses are, it goes with right help. I sought help in quantitative methods to ensure my proficiency. Everything just seems so simple when right person helps and explain it. This right person was Franco.

David Sørensene

5 stars! Amazing tutor. He accompanied me all the way from the introduction to the method/results of my dissertation. Thoroughly recommend him for his patience and teaching skills :)

Delphine Herrero

Franco was a great tutor. So encouraging and methodical. Franco really gave me the confidence and picked up on so many little things that really helped the flow of my dissertation.

Dominik Ramírez

I had been struggling to complete my Epidemiology assessment, and was at risk of failing. I found Franco on this platform and he gave me the help I needed to complete everything on time! He's just what you're looking for in a tutor for your assignment!

Pieter Bahn

I highly recommend Franco. He helped me organize my study planning for my intro stats course and helped me go through all the material in a way that actually made sense

Norman Waggoner

Thorough planner, organized and carries good communication skills. I enjoyed his online coaching and discussion sessions. He carries a good combination of quantitative, analytical and presentation skills. Franco has an excellent command in disciplines of Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis. He has loads of experience as researcher, as thesis supervisor and as referee.

Sofia Torrest

Great tutor! Gave me a refresher course on multivariate stats as well as on psychometrics. 5 stars!

Léa Alonsso

I am so glad and grateful for Franco’s help and teaching. He has been amazing all the way with tutoring me in Psychometrics, online. I am keeping your contact information for the future and I will surely take contact next time, when adressing my proposed thesis on the Validation of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. It'a been a pleasure working with you!

Alek Delico

Franco assisted me with proofreading a paper. His suggestions were very informative and complete, and I ended up learning a lot about scientific English. His style and manners are excellent, 5 star recommendation. Alejandro

Zuki Costas

Perfect! I can absolutely recommend Franco to students who are struggling with quantitative methods and statistics (or just if you want to improve expertise in applied aspects of quantitative skills). He is an excellent teacher and explains relatively complex quantitative things using illustrations and in an easy manner. I have learned a lot from the tutoring with him.

Aimar Jørgensson

Nice proofreading! :)

Filippo Marrerino

I recommend Professor Franco 100%. He helped me with my assignment. You won’t regret choosing him.

Justine Sanzová

Timely and confident tutor!

Ander Romanov

I assigned Franco my thesis Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology Chapters. He got the job done perfectly and on time. I would recommend him to students struggling to complete their thesis projects. He's super trustable!

Annika Fernández

Excellent tutor. I agree completely with all the comments here. In my case, Franco helped me with some Structural Equation Modeling aspects of a Quantitative Sociology paper me and some colleagues were working on.

Oskie Fernandiz

Franco! I just want to say that you are a fantastic teacher, with knowledge and excellent communication. Your help in the application of quantitative methods and in Statistics means a lot for me.

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Franco Tisocco
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