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A very energetic welcome to my profile Dear Student! :)
I am not a typical English teacher. If you trust me and follow my advice I promise you will get results and go from passive to active knowledge of English. You will get from me much more than just a language course. I will motivate you, encourage you, make you laugh and bring a lot of positiveness into your life. :)
TRY THE FIRST LESSON FOR FREE :) Then price per 1 hour is 15€

Our goals:
Goal 1: You will speak English from the very first lesson.
Goal 2: I will help you unblock and overcome your barriers.
Goal 3: You will be able to use English in real life situations and build up vocabulary relevant to you.
Goal 4: You will understand how and when to use different English tenses (during our conversations)
Goal 5: You will enjoy our classes a lot :)

A little bit about me:
I started learning English as a child and at the age of 25 I moved to London where I lived and worked for 11 years in training and recruitment sector. 5 years ago I moved to Spain and I've been teaching English since then. It became my full time job, my passion, my lifestyle. I have a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as foreign language) and many teaching qualifications from the UK - I worked as a professional trainer in London.

I know and understand English grammar extremely well and this is why I teach you without actually teaching grammar. I lead our conversations in such a way that you naturally start using different tenses in adequate situations.
With my positive energy learning English will be pleasure and fun:)

My method:
I prepare my teaching materials myself depending on your needs. I work a lot with Google Documents so you have access to our lesson 24/7

There are many methods of learning English but to speak English all you need to do is… start speaking. There is no magic shortcut. No books, no classroom lessons can replace a live conversation. To create a dialogue you need to learn to ask questions, agree, disagree, joke, show compassion, express surprise, etc.

During our meetings you will learn how to naturally react in many different life and business situations. Soon you will notice how spontaneous your English becomes without the need of translating first. I will show you techniques of how to practice thinking in English.

TRY THE FIRST LESSON FOR FREE :) Then price per 1 hour is €15
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Kasia Energizing English

Kasia Energizing English
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