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Liam Osullivan

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I use a variety of materials to keep my students engaged and grow their confidence, including games, learning songs, conversational games, and also for the student that needs a more structured course, I design a curriculum specific to suit the individuals needs.
My classes are engaging, fun and most importantly, full of new vocabulary and phrases along the way.

I use various methods to increase vocabulary retention, and can adapt my course to suit employment needs, assisting with homework and school courses. I teach ages of all ages, adults and children.

I love my job, and I take a personal interest in my students individual needs and likes/dislikes/hobbies; this helps me to engage with them in a way that enables me to laugh a lot with them whilst also ensuring they leave each and every class enlightened, educated but also very important, with more confidence in their abilities and themselves. Be it in speaking, listening, writing or reading, I like to celebrate every milestone and achievement and am always available to answer questions via WhatsApp outside of class hours. I believe these little extra touches help my students progress and maintain their passion for learning my language, and at the same time, feel supported and encouraged in every step of their English journey.

It's not always easy to learn another language, and I use my own personal experience of learning Spanish to remind me of this, and it helps me take a much more holistic, and patient approach with each and every student.
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  • Infantil y preescolar, primaria, ESO, bachillerato, universitarios, adultos
  • Empresas, autónomos y profesionales (in company)
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  • Español
  • Inglés
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Goyo Martín Creo que es un excelente profesor de inglés, muy ameno, que hace...

Marta Es un profesor genial, se implica mucho en las clases, las prepa...

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Liam Osullivan

Liam Osullivan
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Liam Osullivan
Liam Osullivan (32) Boiro (A Coruña)
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