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My name is Reza and I have been a high school teacher and university lecturer for more than ten years. I have been fortunate to gain a lot of experience in teaching different groups of students. My teaching experience covers different subjects and levels, including teaching mathematics and science at the school level and basic physics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics at the university.
One of the things I am most proud of is my ability to connect with students. I believe that a strong teacher-student relationship is essential to help students learn and grow. I am also a strong advocate of individualized instruction, as it allows each student to learn in the best way. I have developed a great ability to interact and communicate effectively with people from different cultures, having had the opportunity to work in different countries and international groups. Due to my extensive teaching experience, I am good at explaining difficult concepts in an easy and logical way.
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Rebeca Sus clases me han ayudado mucho. Lo recomiendo.

Emilio Reza was very patient with me from the very beginning. He to...

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Reza Rezapour

Reza Rezapour
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Reza Rezapour
Reza Rezapour (9)
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