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Seyed Mahyad Komarizadeh

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My name is Mahyad, and I am an Engineer who is a better English mentor. I Graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona with a master's degree in Advanced Nano Science and Nano Technology. Currently, I am working at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya as a Research Assistant, and during my free time, I would like to help individuals improve their English. I am a qualified IELTS teacher, and I have been successful in helping my students increase their Writing and Speaking skills band scores over 1.5 points only in 10 intensive sessions.

I believe I am an expert English tutor; why am I saying that? I've been teaching it for 13 years since I was just a 15-year-old boy but non-professionally. Then six years ago, I passed courses in teaching English, such as the Teacher Training Course, so I could instruct professionally. I am also authorized to train EFL courses because of my Teacher Training Course diploma. In addition, I have been teaching English as a private teacher through many platforms such as Tusclases, ClassGap, Homeducation and so on. Moreover, I have experience working at language institutions instructing lessons for teenager groups, such as WhyNot Formacio, located in Martorell. In addition, I have been taking IELTS tests myself regularly to update my knowledge and improve my unique IELTS course.

To be honest, I am very passionate about coaching and helping my students improve their English. For those who take IELTS courses, I guarantee they would be able to get the score they desire only by having ten classes.

I am totally at your disposal for any questions, and you are welcome to contact me.
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Andrea Very good experience. He showed great availability and compromis...

Teresa Mahyad es muy buen profesor. Clases dinámicas e interesantes, ad...

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Seyed Mahyad Komarizadeh

Seyed Mahyad Komarizadeh
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Seyed Mahyad Komarizadeh
Seyed Mahyad Komarizadeh (24) Barcelona Capital (Barcelona)
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