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I am a Hispanic Philologist with a master's degree in Spanish for foreigners, training that has allowed me to take full advantage of the passion generated by different forms of language, a useful instrument to develop and reinforce the skills that are used during the process of learning a foreign language.

I believe that those students who participate in the process of acquiring a second language develop skills such as establishing objectives and the ability to adapt to new situations, which I always seek to encourage and inspire through the taste that languages generate me.

I am completely bilingual in English and Spanish and I think this is an asset in today's world. I also have a B1 in French and an A2 in Portuguese. As a teacher, I have been able to transfer my own experiences to help students who are learning Spanish. Besides, I am accredited as an examiner of the Cervantes Institute at the DELE B1-B2 level and C1-C2 level, and accredited as a SIELE preparer by the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca and the University of Buenos Aires.

I believe that a warm and attentive nature are essential qualities that a language teacher must possess to ensure that students feel safe, comfortable and confident under their tutoring. I also consider that the whole experience of learning a language can shape the attitude of the student towards the success of their process, which is why I work hard to ensure that the classes are fun and exciting, providing opportunities to explore, discover and take risks that they promote and develop their social and communication skills, as well as the knowledge and understanding of the world seen through the new language and its culture.

I monitor the students' learning through a continuous evaluation of their process, which follows a didactic program designed for each student from the beginning. Also, I provide all the needed material so that the student doesn't have to spend extra money on their Spanish lessons.

If you are interested in my profile I will be very pleased to collaborate in the adventure of learning a new language and all its culture.

Have a nice day,

Verónica :)
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  • Español
  • Inglés
  • Francés
  • Português
Formación: títulos, cursos y certificaciones
  • Postgrado/Máster:

    Español como Segunda Lengua

  • Grado:

    Filología Hispánica

  • Certificado:

    Evaluadora de DELE B1-22

  • Certificado:

    Evaluadora de DELE C1-C2

  • Certificado:

    Prepadora SIELE

  • Disponibilidad horaria
    Lunes Martes Miércoles Jueves Viernes Sábado Domingo
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Mariana P Me gustan mucho mis clases de español con Veronica. Tenemos desd...

Kristen Las clases con Verónica son las mejores. Aprendes mucho de mucha...

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Verónica Londoño Nariño

Verónica Londoño Nariño
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Verónica Londoño Nariño
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