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Better Call Esther es el único centro preparador de TOLES on-line. Y además, el único centro examinador en Asturias.
La realización Test of Legal English Skills te permite obtener un certificado de inglés jurídico reconocido internacionalmente.

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Mi experiencia ha sido inmejorable. Esther es buena profesora, siempre dispuesta a explicar las cosas las veces que haga falta y sin perder nunca la sonrisa. Muy buena profesional.


Hello, my name is Debbie, I work for an international law firm and I specialize in debt collection. I have just finished a program to master my legal English skills with Esther and I want to share my experience. Before we started working together I didn’t know anything about legal English. Sometimes I had to use English at work and I used to read texts about law but there were many words I didn’t understand and I had to spend a lot of time looking up words in the dictionary. I decided to look for help to learn legal English because it’s a very specific language with phrasal verbs and collocations that are important to know and I think it’s impossible to learn it alone. It’s better to do it with a teacher. I found about Esther and her legal English program in her Facebook group. I contacted her and we talked on the phone. I like the conversation we had, she explained the details of the program very well and I liked the methodology. It’s true that I looked at other options but

Better Call Esther10-06-2020

Thank you, Debbie! You worked very hard throughout the program.

Evaristo Ramos

I have been studying legal english some years, but I felt that my progress was not as good as I expected. Last year I knew Esther and after a first conversation with her I could feel that it would be different. I did her 12 weeks course and I was not wrong. Her method really works. I’ve improved my proficiency in English a lot and I got an incredible self-confindence. After doing the Esther’s course I was able to follow a Professional Course in the University of Gibraltar (Competence in Gibraltar Law) with success. (Gibraltar is a Common Law jurisdiction, 100% english speaking). I have passed all the exams with good marks. In a couples of weeks I’ll be able to be registered in Gibraltar as a lawyer, something that it’s going to change my professional career. In my mid-forties It has been a challenge and I have to express my gratitude to Esther.

Better Call Esther11-06-2020

You must be proud, Evaristo! Hard work always pays off. It was a pleasure having you in the program.

Andrés Medina

Hello, my name is Andrés, I teach English and French but I also want to become a specialized translator. I like to translate because I find it fascinating. It’s a bridge that connects different worlds. I am interested in legal translation in particular because it is the most profitable area in translation. I have just finished a program to master my legal English skills with Esther and I want to share my experience. Before starting the program I had a slight idea about legal English, but I had never had the chance to study it in depth. It’s very interesting to learn about different areas of law, learning how the legal system is different from ours and also learning about the culture behind it. I have studied other subjects on my own before but I found it really difficult to learn legal English without guidance. So I decided to look for a person who was prepared to help me understand legal English to accomplish my goal. Esther happened to be the right one. 100% recommended.

Better Call Esther10-06-2020

Thanks Andrés! It truly was a challenge for you because you lacked the legal knowledge but you did amazing!

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