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I strongly recommend Adriana as a teacher. She communicates gramma in easy and comprehensive way and conversations are always interesting. She puts a lot of passion in teaching and her classes are always rich in experience.

Adriana Acosta13 abr 2021



Adriana is a very enthusiastic and patient teacher. She brings a great energy to the classes and helped me feel more confident to speak Spanish.

Adriana Acosta1 abr 2021

Muchas gracias


Adriana is a professional teacher.. I took my first Spanish classes with her and after several weeks I can read, understand and talk to locals. Her teaching style is very effective and she has her own techinics. And I am looking forward to continue my classes with her

Adriana Acosta30 mar 2021

Muchas gracias

Lisa aka Lucilla

The course with Adriana was very nice :) . We always learned and laughed. She used learning books, shared documents, note function, some small homework's or political latest articles to learn spanish. The focus with me was speaking and practise grammar, but if there´s a next time and the bases are settled, they could be more pronunciation practise. She really helped me to sort the words in my head with recognizing my disorganisation and giving some practical advises for my daily practise. And I felt very comfort of sharing personal information to her. Adriana´s memory is incredible, she remembered almost every information during courses. I really recommend a course with her and it really helped that she speaks german and english (and more), so it was easier to translate words, but if it wasn´t possible, she explained, so that there´s more of a brain connection and kind of definition for me. I felt that my progress was in the focus. Thanks for beeing on my spanish journey :) :)

Adriana Acosta23 feb 2021

Muchas gracias


Adriana is a very patient and experienced teacher. I enjoy my conversation classes with her. Hopefully she will help me become fluent in Spanish very soon. Definitely recommend her as a teacher all levels.

Adriana Acosta14 feb 2021

Mil gracias


Adriana uses the full hour of our classes to teach relevant grammar, vocab, and local speech. She is very professional and holds you accountable to studying outside of class so you gain the full benefits of her classes. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to push yourself to new heights in your Spanish learning goals.

Adriana Acosta1 feb 2021

muchisimas gracias


Adriana's a fun and easygoing teacher, and I'm making great progress with my Spanish! Very engaging.

Adriana Acosta28 ene 2021

Muchas gracias


i am a beginner in Spanish It was always a pleasure to talk to Adriana every time she speaks slowly and clearly, always with a smile.That's why i choose her on instagram ! I recommend her if you want to learn or improve your spanish take lessons with her either at a distance with zoom or live if you are in Barcelona !

Adriana Acosta21 ene 2021

Muchas gracias


Excellent, engaging, modern, fresh

Adriana Acosta18 ene 2021

Muchas gracias


Adriana is giving me the tools for me to get on with learning spanish, she is a good teacher, reliable and pleasant to work with.

Adriana Acosta23 dic 2020

Muchas gracias


Adriana is a passionate and engaged teacher. Our Skype classes have focused on both conversation and grammar and she has also made excellent suggestions for resources outside of class too. She is patient and encouraging -- as always, you get what you give - and Adriana will definitely motivate you to give more to your spanish studies. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to improve their spanish!

Adriana Acosta21 dic 2020

Mil gracias!!!


I have been taking language classes in a group academy setting for the last several months. While I have learned a lot and appreciate the efforts of my teachers, I've not really progressed in my use of the language in conversation. Adriana's classes have been perfect for getting me outside of my comfort zone, and learning more about the natural flow of conversation- in addition to grammar and pronunciation practice, our sessions offer more context for use in speaking in every day life situations. If you find yourself in the never-ending intermediate limbo...I highly recommend giving Adriana's classes a chance and committing to 10 sessions so you can really take advantage of her style of teaching. She is direct, patient, encouraging, and very challenging. She will push you and gently guide you all at the same time.

Adriana Acosta4 dic 2020



Adriana’s lessons are very individual and practical. I needed someone to take away my fear of practicing Spanish and also motivating me. She gives me many helpful tools and a great mixed content to learn the language.

Adriana Acosta27 nov 2020

Muchas gracias


She is literally the best! I enjoy every class with her because she puts so much effort and energy in it. I am using her classes to become more fluent in speaking Spanish and the materials/topics we are using for our classes are very interesting and up-to-date, which I really like.

Adriana Acosta23 nov 2020

Muchas gracias


Classes with Adriana are always challenging as she puts more emphasis on speaking rather than doing boring exercises which I find very positive and effective in my case. Lessons are also adjusted to my expectations, age and life situation of a person in new town, new country with new language.I highly recommend Adriana!

Adriana Acosta26 oct 2020

Muchas gracias


She is very active and funny. Her class uses the textbook. At my experience, not too many speaking class by the book. You could learn grammar and conversation at the same time.


Adriana is a passionate teacher with lots of energy, empathy, and patience. She has a great knowledge of the Castilian language and has the competence to teach it in a great way. Every lesson focuses' on a particular subject, and Adriana does not stop until you fully understand it. It is easy, valuable, and fun to attend her' classes. Thank you!

Adriana Acosta6 oct 2020



Adriana is a great teacher. She is full of motivational energy and makes all conversations into powerful learning experiences.

Adriana Acosta22 sep 2020

Muchas gracias

Daniel Bell

Adriana is a very good teacher, very expressive and interesting. Would recommend her Spanish classes to anyone, regardless of level.


Adriana è sempre preparata e adatta le lezioni in base alle mie richieste. È molto flessibile con gli orari e questo mi aiuta molto nell'essere costante con le classi. È una persona socievole ed interessante che sa adattarsi alla personalità dell'allievo. La raccomando.

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