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Jose es mi profesor de español desde hace muchos años. Hemos practicado mucho para mi viaje a España y siempre me ayuda en entender y hablar correctamente. El subjuntivo es dificil pero cada vez es mas fácil. Disfruto mucho su conversación y me explica cosas muy interesantes de España! No sabia que habia una lucha de quien quiere la tortilla con cebolla y los que quieren la tortilla sin cebolla. Gracias Jose!


Jose is an amazing teacher. He is passionate and dedicated and always listens to my pronunciation and grammar. I struggle sometimes with some of the past tenses in Spanish, (There are so many!) and still he is always ready to give me an explanation and examples and practice from there.


I have been Jose´s student for several months now. I am a mom of twins and I take care of several businesses, so I dont have much time to practice. I can read and write well but I was losing my speaking ability. He always brings up topics and interesting vocabulary to the lesson and, even though it's a bit challenging, I enjoy the lesson very much. He keeps a nice and comfortable pace and that makes the lesson pass very fast!

Gengo Kiuchi

Jose was my teacher for many months and we were always looking forward to his lessons! He would make the lesson interesting and just challenging enough and would always look for social situations were we could do roleplays. He would take notes of our mistakes and after role play was finished would explain how to fix them. I remember a time when he made us be Apple employees and he would play as an annoying customer trying to buy an Android! A teacher worth learning from.

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Jose Contreras
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