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Miss Emily Alder

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I am a native English Teacher, qualified in TESOL and have been teaching in Spain since 2015. I have trained in AMCO and have taught children from as young as two years in their home and in schools and Summer Camps. I have prepared students for Key, Preliminary, First , Advanced and Proficiency Cambridge Exams with excellent results. I have experience in teaching Business English in in-company classes. It is important to me to practice pronunciation with all my students and I show them how to make certain sounds that are never practiced in their mother tongue and can be new and daunting for some students young and old alike who rarely speak English and really need to get confident with using their English tongue, so I like to get them to practice and then they become more confident and happy with their progress.
I have a passion for foreign languages, etymology, and learning about world cultures. I am a natural teacher, as a young child I taught ballet routines to friends in my ballet group. In junior school dance classes I demonstrated innovative moves to the teacher to incorporate into routines for the class. At school I always helped my friends with their French and Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

During childhood holidays abroad I made good friends with kids my age and tried to learn their language. When my school was closed for training days I really enjoyed helping my mum’s pupils in her English class with reading and spelling.

As a student nurse I had to teach parents and patient’s carers how to administer nursing care and medication. I also taught new mothers how to breast feed and express milk, neonatal care and how to administer medication. Some mums did not speak English so I had to interpret for them so they could understand what to do. I taught a dance routine to a class in a special needs school for their summer school competition and the class won. I also assisted the teacher in all classes and loved teaching the children.

As an English Assistant at Lycée Marie Curie, Versailles, France, I taught English oral, written and aural to small and large groups, to prepare the lycéens for their baccalauréat exams. For the younger Lycée classes I could choose what topics to teach, and used songs for translating into English and class discussions to improve their confidence in speaking English as well as under
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