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As an English teacher and Spanish tutor for foreign learners, I have worked in different institutions for more than eleven years already, giving lessons to children, teenagers and adults

My proactive, dynamic and curious personality has allowed me to work in companies also, giving oil and gas oriented speaking sessions for some years, an experience that has challenged me to be innovative and organized enough to mix everyday language and specific content in the different lessons.

I have also had the opportunity to work as a primary teacher in a bilingual school, being in charge not only of teaching English in diverse areas (science, history, literature, language and exam preparation) but also of guiding a group of professionals in the process of teaching subjects such as drama, dance, art and crafts and music. In this very same place, I had the opportunity of participating in summer immersion camps with my students, an experience that was enriching for all the participants.

As I enjoy challenges, some years ago, and taking advantage of the degree I have, I decided to take over some lessons in kindergarten, teaching English to 4-5 year old children. It was an amazing opportunity for me to increase my creativity skills.

For some time, I also worked in two universities. In one of them, I gave english lessons for specific purposes for future professionals of human resources, marketing and management. In the other institution, I was in charge of teaching English Didactics and language to future teachers.

Since I am considered to be diplomatic and a good communicator, I have always been chosen to have meetings with parents either to explain what the course was about or to have a small talk about the students and their needs or problems.

I really enjoy planning lessons that motivate students to think critically. I'm also keen on finding strategies that adapt to students' needs, understanding that each of them has a different way of learning and processing information.

I have been professionally taught under the communicative approach to learn a language with the aim of using it as a tool to develop the four macro skills. I have also taken part in educational projects with different approaches such as CLIL or task-based which have encouraged me to think of lessons using a wide variety of interesting, genuine, attractive and contextualized material, including the use of TIC.

Something that is essential for me as a teacher is to create a nice atmosphere in the classroom, either in a place or online, so that the student can feel in companion during the whole learning process and motivated to improve their abilities. I believe and promote the exchange of opinions and culture since I consider it important to have such kinds of interaction in every learning context.

Last but not least, I support the idea that failing is the proof we are learning so I always reinforce this idea in the class to help students overcome the fear of making mistakes and start developing strength and confidence as well as patience and tolerance not only with themselves but with others.
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  • Estudiantes de ESO, bachillerato, universitarios, adultos
  • Empresas, autónomos y profesionales (in company)
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  • Inglés
  • Español
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    English teacher as a foreign language

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    Spanish tutor

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Mariana Yesy una genia!!me encantan sus clases.

Ailen Mi experiencia con Yesi ha sido excelente. Tomabamos clase con m...

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Yesica Mendez
Yesica Mendez (33) Barcelona Capital (Barcelona)
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