5 Steps to Become More Fluent in English on Your Own

  • Read Out Loud:Just reading isn’t enough. Read out loud. Your muscles need to get used to pronouncing English words; you need to feel the language in your mouth and hear yourself speaking in full, complex, and correct sentences (which could be quite inspirational)! Work on your intonation patterns, and always, always check the pronunciation of new, tongue-twisting words

  • Think in English:This could be a tough one, but there’re some techniques you can apply. When you have a couple of minutes, look around and describe what you see. Think about your plans for tomorrow or what you’re going to do tonight. Use simple sentences or even just words. Analyze where you’re getting stuck and look up these words, expressions, or grammar topics.

  • Imitate native speakers:If you want to speak English more naturally, you’ll need more than just correct grammar and accurate pronunciation. You have to follow intonation patterns and practice connected speech. That’s where podcasts with transcripts would be useful. Listen to a podcast, pause each sentence, and read from the transcript, imitating the speaker's intonation. Then play the recording once again and read along with the speaker. You can do the same exercise with a subtitled video.

  • Create memories:When it comes to learning new vocabulary, the biggest challenge learners can face is making new words stick. Have you ever experienced that? Cramming word lists has proved to be ineffective. What you want to do is make up associations for the words and expressions you are learning and imagine the context where you can use them. Therefore, you need to create memories! And you will never forget a new word again.

  • Learn actively:Listening, reading, and writing aren't enough. Practice speaking. Speak to native or non-native speakers, or even to yourself. Analyze where you get stuck, what words and grammar topics you’re missing, and work on them.
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