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Publicado por Jane

How to Learn: Slowly but Surely Wins the Race

Another of my most frequent recommendations is that students do a little every day instead of a lot one day a week (or fortnight, or month!), but many of my students still have trouble accepting that and think they need to dedicate an hour a day, if not more, to studying English. Now, of course, every one is different, but I honestly think that it's better to do a little at a time than a lot just once. And here's why. If you think of the gym – a...
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Abhijit Tase
Publicado por Abhijit Tase

Learning three languages. Can this be confusing? Is it easier as a child or as an adult?

I grew up in India. My parents are Indian and English so this already set me off on a path of speaking multiple languages. I got two languages from my father and friends and one from my mother. India has over 1500 dialects and 22 official languages. I speak 3 of them - English, Hindi, and Marathi; and because of this I can understand a few more due to their relation to English or Marathi. A bit like how French and Catalan and Spanish are connect...
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Publicado por Stephanie

The Call: Have your students at the edge of their seats

The Call is a worldwide acclaimed American thriller released in 2013. The plot starts one night when the 911 emergency operator, Jordan, receives a life-altering phone call from a teenager saying that a prowler was trying to break into her house. Still suffering because of the incident that doomed the girl's life to death, Jordan uncovers a sadist serial killer and focuses on his tireless hunt and capture before he can trap his next victim. The ...
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Publicado por Stephanie

Three documentaries to tackle social issues in your classroom

Movies can bring the world to your students in very realistic ways. Films are multisensory, they have the ability to create an emotional connection between the message and the interlocutor in powerful ways. Furthermote, they can help you as a teacher not only to achieve your classroom goals, but also to introduce values and to raise awareness about current topics. Stories introduced through movies can create connections across time, place and cu...
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Publicado por Alicia

How can I help my students to believe in themselves?

Your student doesn't believe in his/her skills? Is studying sistematically but always thinks it's not enough? You, however, see his/her progress and how much work he/she puts into learning. It's possible, that he/she lacks of self-confidence - maybe that's why he/she can not realistically assess his/her capabilities. It happened to one of my students. She was preparing to pass the A2 exam in language school. In the first e-mail she wrote, I noti...
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Publicado por Tania

How to adapt your lessons to students needs...

Hi again!! In this blog, i want to focus on the specific needs students have when it comes to english learning. One day, one of my students came up to me and told me she wanted to improve her english skills at work. This kind of request drops you of guard, as you aways prepare your classes, focusing on the main english skills: Writing, reading, listening etc. Well, we had a discussion about it and we decided to focus her english classes on HR sk...
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Publicado por Kam

Language Exchanges in Bilbao: Missed opportunities to improve your speaking skills!

English is not only for the classroom. You need to take it outside with. If you don´t it will get stale which is the last thing we want after making so much effort over the years. There are plenty of language exchange events in Bilbao where people who have a conversation level meet to speak English in an informal setting over a drink or two.  Bilbao is becoming more and more International, so it´s only natural that you will find plenty of o...
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Publicado por Gabriella

Which are the best apps to learn English?

As a teacher, I’d recommend using language apps as supplementary tools on your language-learning journey.  According to The Conversation, 70 million people have already signed up to use the app Duolingo in the hopes of expanding their communicative abilities. From Busuu to Babbel, there are dozens of language-learning apps to help people learn a second language.As a second language Spanish student, I use both Duolin...
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Publicado por David

Learn English with a native speaker from Michigan, with 3+ years of experience!

Hi everybody! My name is David, I am from the United States, and I am really excited to teach English. I have taught English in Spain for three years, and I am open to teaching classes to all levels of students, but I would also like to combine classes with activities (painting, playing music if you play or want to learn an instrument, a trip to the park, a museum, even the grocery store). Learning a language should be fun, and as a native speak...
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Laura Anne
Publicado por Laura Anne

Don't take your carpet to class!! False friends spanish students say

It's wintertime and this only means one thing: my students keep telling me about their toilet problems again. What is it with Spanish speakers? They share too much! Then they keep telling me how they ate lots of jam and had a lot of nice discussions with their families over Christmas. But I can't say I'm innocent of any mistakes! Only today I realized I have been using the word 'grano' for grain in Spanish. I realized this whilst doing the ...
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Publicado por William

The use of target language in class, is it a good idea?

The first thing students will ask is what is this language, this means that you can only speak the language you are studying, for example if you are studying English then you will only speak English and not Spanish is allowed 90% of the time This can often put students off learning another language as they may have scared they will not understand what the teacher is talking about.  But I did not care about this, I did when I was and my fami...
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Publicado por Mary

Benjamin's Franklin remark was so true

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin's Franklin is sooooo true!!!! I believe that when a student is involved, he/she truly learns. This is part of my methodology of teaching foreign languages. I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years and making the student involved is a key to teaching with success. Not only does the student get motivated, but you, as an instructor, look for different ways to make ...
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Publicado por William

Why study English as a second language in today's world.

English is the second most spoken langauage in the world, it is estimated that around over 53 million people speak English. Due to this English is now the main language of certain eceonmic fields such as sicence, avation and information technology. due to such fields adopting English as it main language it is of no suprise that business is also adopting it as their main field.  Therefore i would recomend anyone to learn English as a second ...
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Publicado por Sandy

Consistency and patience in English learning

Learning a language is all about changing habits in your brain. I think that some techniques that people use like studying long vocabulary lists, memorizing phrasal verbs, even this focus on grammar, is an attempt to short circuit a process which actually takes a long time. It takes a lot of exposure, a lot of reading and listening and, eventually, speaking in order to create new habits.   I have been teaching English in Spain for 7 ye...
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