Are you ready to learn English? Were your holidays too nice?

After holidays probably you will be lazy and you think: "Oh my god! What a laziness!!" (Nótese laziness como sustantivo, no adjetivo).

So, how could (could is the correct form, not can) we kill the laziness after holidays?

How could we kill laziness after holidays???

Well, the good thing is that there are many entertaining options to learn English, out of norms to study a lot of texts, (out of norms: fuera de lo común).

If you really want to learn and prepare yourself for a new opening of the year, towards* the Winter, just contact me.

I am waiting for your decision to make mistakes learning English: (verb +to/verb +ing. form)

(cometer errores aprendiendo Inglés), because if you do not make any mistakes, you will never improve your skills.

Best Regards.

Patricia C.

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