Canadian Linguist teaches English to monkey in Badalona, Dec. 8th, 2016

I understand your struggles. I've learned French in Eastern Canada, German from my parents and Portuguese while teacing business English in Rio de Janerio. Now I am living in Barcelona teaching young professionals in my home office and at their homes.

My partner is Catalan so I am learning poc a poc your culture and language.

I have recently met a friendly monkey on a fieldtrip to Badalona. He whispered in my ear-

Do you want faster progress? Do you want to know the real pronunciation and understand us when we speak quickly? I will teach you to focus on the key words so that you can respond more confidently- not every word is important in a sentence- let's practise the most important phrases so that you can communicate effecitively.

I have travelled to 40 countries, eaten bread baked under the sand in the White desert in Egypt, danced in the streets during Carnival in Rio de Janerio and taught Sudanese refugees in Cario.

I am an experienced English teacher with a degree in Linguistics. My passion is helping people communicate better. I will use my skills as a professional entertainer, insurance sales person and a teacher to help you achieve your language goals.

If you want to see how I teach and bring laughter to my students- join my meetup group.

I enjoy challenging students of all ages to achieve fluency and confidence. You can be confident even without C2 level- just encouragement, repititon and some humor to help you retain the knowledge.

This is me teaching Chinese students online, as well as some shots from Federic Mistral in November.



LINKEDIN: Jessica Breitenfeld, BA

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