Differences between American and British Vocabulary and its translation to Spanish

Many people get confused about vocabulary when they hear different way to pronounce it or even when they hear a different version of it. The truth is that Leven though both American and British are used, the American one is becoming more and more popular because of the series and movies we constantly watch. From my point of view both of them are important because of the influence that England had also had

In addition, although spoken American and British English are generally mutually intelligible, there are occasional differences which might cause embarrassment—for example, in American English a rubber is usually interpreted as a condom rather than an eraser; and a British fanny refers to the female pubic area, while the American ...

This list highlights some of the main differences in vocabulary between British and American English. Depending on the region of the U.K. and the United States, speakers may choose certain terms. However, nowadays with the influence of the American TV series and movies, even brits are starting to use some of the American terms.

British English American English Spanish
Autumn Fall, autumn Otoño
Bill Check, bill Cuenta, factura
Biscuit Cookie Galleta
Bonnet (car) Hood Capó
Boot (car) Trunk Maletero
Car Park Parking Lot Aparcamiento
Chemist´s Drugstore, Pharmacy Farmacia
Chest of drawers Dresser Cómoda
Chips French fries Patatas Fritas
Crisps Potato chips Patatas chips
Cinema Movie Theater Cinema
Crossroads Intersection Intersección
Driving Licence Driver´s license Carnet de conducir
Dummy Pacifier Chupete
Dustbin, bin Trash can, garbage can Cubo de la basura
Estate agent Real estate agent Agente inmobiliario
Estate car Station wagon Coche familiar
Film Movie Película
Flat Apartment Piso, apartamento
Handbag Purse Bolso
Holiday(s) Vacation Vacaciones
Jam Jelly Mermelada
Jelly Gelatin, Jello Gelatina
Jug Pitcher Jarra
Lift Elevator Ascensor
Lorry Truck Camión
Mad Crazy Loco
Maths Math Mates
Motorbike Motorcycle Motocicleta
Motorway Highway, Freeway, Expressway Autopista
Nappy Diaper Pañal
Pants, underpants Underwear, underpants Calconcillos
Pavement Sidewalk Acera
Petrol Gas, gasoline Gasolina
Post Mail Correo
Postbox Mailbox Buzón
Postcode Zip code Código postal
Pub Bar Bar
Return ticket Round-trip ticket Viaje de ida y vuelta
Roundabout Traffic circle Rotonda
Rubber Eraser Goma de borrar
Rubbish Garbage, trash Basura
Shop Store, shop Tienda
Solicitor Lawyer, attorney Abogado
Spanner Wrench Llave inglesa
Sweets Candy Caramelos
Taxi Cab, taxi Taxi
Tea towel Dish towel Paño de cocina
Timetable Schedule Horario
Tin Can Lata
Torch Flashlight Linterna
Trousers Pants Pantalones
Tube, underground Subway Metro, tren subterráneo
Vest Undershirt Camiseta interior
Waistcoat Vest Chaleco
Wellington boots Rain boots Botas de agua
Windscreen Windshield Parabrisas
Zip Zipper


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