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Having been a teacher for almost 7 years I faced with different kind of students. And, to tell you the truth, lots of them really had in mind that they weren’t capable of learning English at all. As soon as they started dealing with some problems they blocked themselves and started to make excuses. Let’s see the most common excuses people use and debunk them. I will also give you some tips how to get over the different obstacles that you might face.


Excuse #1 (actually the most common one)

I’m not good at foreign languages

Well, it’s a universal truth that we are creators of our life. And it is definitely true! Everything that happens with us this is through our mind. We set something in our mind and this exactly what happens with us.

So the first step is to make yourself a favor and change your mindset! You CAN learn other language because our brain is in the process of constant learning and it is able to absorb new knowledge. You don’t have problems with learning some information for your work, right? Or remember your time when you were back at school or the university? Whenever information was given to you, you got it and processed.

So, please, stop preventing yourself from learning English (or any other languages) simply because it is not your native one and you are more “mathematics” type of the guy.


What can be done (besides changing your thoughts, of course)?

Read, listen, watch in English. The next thing you know you are super-good at understanding and speaking English. And don’t be afraid of speaking! This is the first mistakes that ever done by all English-learning students! No matter what level you possess right now, the most important is you trying – trying to express yourself and showing that you CAN! And now we are going to the next mainstream excuse…



I don’t feel secure speaking English

Don’t have a dread of making a mistake! We are all people and all people put a foot wrong. While speaking in English, please, keep in mind that these people also were beginners in something (maybe in learning languages too). You never know.  Don’t block yourself! Feel free to speak and speak and if you tell something wrong – so what? We all learn from ours mistakes. The more errors you make, the better you become. Remember this when next time you loathe in terror of saying a word in English.


What can be done?

Record yourself. Like this you can listen what you are talking and depict there you have made mistakes. And try never to repeat them! Good luckJ



Sorry, but I’m too busy to learn English

Well, we all are. All of us have so much to do.

But it isn’t true, actually. You don’t need so much time as you think you do. Try to find at least 30 minutes per day to learn. Choose the most convenient time for you to concentrate on it, the time that you are more productive and just do it! Don’t forget that for learning you need the time where nobody can disturb you. All this 20-30 minutes you should dedicate to English! If you feel afraid of missing this task from your day, put it in your to-do-list!

Prepare the material for learning prior to the time depicted by you for it. Do it in order to avoid losing your time. Download videos and audios, articles you want to read.


What can be done?

If you are too busy to look for materials yourself English-based podcast will help you to avoid this process and save your time. You can use also various apps which exist at this very moment. So while going to work why not to use the time efficiently?


Excuse #4

I have to pour a lot of money in this

Well, so many of us use money as an excuse for what they so desperately try to run from. People think they need to take special courses and buy lots of textbooks. But as I have already said before there is no need in this! In our modern technological word there are thousands of books and courses that are free of charge! Not to mention hundred apps for every taste!

Plus, the best way of learning is through the help of native speakers!  You can easily find a foreigner to practice and it won’t be needed a lot from you! Just spend a little of time for searching and making connections. Read different kind of articles in which you are interested in and listen to podcasts, songs and watch films or TV-shows.


What can be done?

So I have already answered on this question. Use the most great opportunities of our world – Internet! And you will easily learn English for a song!


Excuse #5

There is a great difference between my native language and English

In our modern world there are so many languages right now, so it goes without saying that in some case your native language will vary. But it doesn’t mean that this is it! Other letters, other grammar so I couldn’t handle this! This is, guys, a bullshit!

Yes, maybe it will be difficult at the beginning but throughout the time you will be laughing at yourself for having this fear and thinking about giving up! Make some effort! Spend a little more time, maybe! But do it! At the end you will thank yourself for your efforts at the start.

Plus, English is the easiest language among all! Believe meJ


What can be done?

Hmm what about to make a little challenge for youself? Skip to English language in the settings of your phone. It will be strange and difficult at the beginning but eventually you get used to it.



So I hope that my little narration will help you a bit and will prevent you from doubting yourself! You are capable of many things! Why English should be an exception? Why should it scary you?

I know you can do it! I am not doubtful of you, so why should you?

And you know what helps me a lot ? I will tell you a little secret from my own experience…Make yourself challenges! Nobody likes to feel failure. If you put yourself on the road to learn English, don’t let yourself down! Do it till the end! So you will be proud of yourself and say I can conquer this tiny thing called ENGLISH!


Good luck, guys!

I believe in you!

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