English classes during the pandemic - no problem!

How can you carry on improving your English if you cannot be sitting in the same room as your teacher? Easy. Go online.

Many students are scared of doing online classes. "It's not the same", you say. True, but online classes can be better. Why? You don't have to waste time travelling to and from the place where your teacher works. Just think of all the time you save, time you can use for other things, including doing your English homework. Win, win!

Also, there are many platforms you can use. If you don't like one, you can try another. A bit of adventure is good for allof us.

The most obvious platform is Skype, but you can also use Zoom or Google Meet. And they are all free! In the chat, your teacher can write notes you get to keep. Also, your teacher can share his/her screen with you, so you can see the same material at the same time. You can email your homework to your teacher who, by sharing the screen, can correct your work while you see exactly what is happening. And then, you get the corrections back by email.

You will be surprised by the versatility of online classes. Sure, it takes a bit of practice, but the pandemic will last a lot longer, so we need to adapt. Online classes can be effective and fun.

So, don't give up. Give online classes a chance and don't let the pandemic spoil your learning!

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