English expressions with “heart”. Vocabulary B2/C1

Our heart is one of the most important organs in our body.But what is the meaning of heart in idioms? Let us look at 4 phrases with theword heart.

1.In a heartbeat

Your heart beats approximately every second for the whole ofyour life. That’s a lot of heartbeats! But what do we mean when we say “in aheartbeat”?

“When my best friend needs help, I am there in a heartbeat.”

Does that mean that my heart beats when my best friend needsmy help? No, my heart beats every day. What I am saying is that I am there tobe by my friend immediately, without hesitation.

2.A change of heart

This expression does not mean that you have a hearttransplant. If you have a change of heart, you have changed your opinion.

“I really wanted to travel the world last year, but then I hada change of heart and decided to stay home.”

You didn’t stay home because you had an operation. You stayedhome because you changed your decision.

3.To have a heart of gold

A doctor will tell you that it would be impossible to liveyou had a heart of gold. So, why do we say that someone has a heart of gold? Weare certainly not telling them that they need to see a doctor urgently.

If you have a heart of gold, it means that you are generous,you are a lovely person. Take it as a compliment if someone says that you havea heart of gold.

4.My heart skipped a beat

If your grandmother’s heart has an irregular heartbeat, thatis dangerous. But if someone healthy says that their heart skipped (missed) abeat, they are saying that they became emotional.

“When I saw my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend last night, my heartskipped a beat.”

That means that you became emotional when you saw your ex.You are still in love with them. Aahhhhh, love!!!!

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