English is many things, here are my thoughts!

English as you know is an important language to know but it can be so difficult to learn!

To be honest when I became an English teacher I also became a student of English! A strange thing for an English teacher to say but it is honest.

Where teachers struggle

Most native English speakers would struggle to tell the difference between and adjective and an adverb, and let's not even mention the past particles!

We know what they are, when we use them, but honestly we don't know the "technical terms" of the language!

Where students struggle

What I have found is that my Spanish students know a lot about grammar, as they can recite all the rules, take apart a sentence and tell you all parts of it, but when it comes to speaking that is where the problems start!

From including the article when not needed, to using "false friends."

I can eally say English is not that easy to learn, however it can be fun when you find the right teacher.

Selecting your teacher

No matter who you select as your teacher you need to make sure they are a native. I am sorry but you are doing yourself a disservice if you select a non-native as you will never improve your accent, and the teacher themselves may not speak that fluently.

Also lowest price does not mean high quality. As the expression says you get what you pay for. I have seen people providing classes for €6 an hour!

I, as a professional, would not hire anyone at that price. I would think they are not good! So don't be put off price.

A great solution

Another great solution is to try out classgap - the sister company of tusclassesparticulares.com

I was hesitant at first as I thought it would be more difficult to teach people over the internet. However, I have to say it has been great.

As a teacher it is so easy. You log in 2 minutes before the class, upload your notes for the class, teach the class and then when you finish, you're back home already!

I compare this to 2 hour classes that I used to do which were good, however, I was spending 45 minutes getting to and and from my student's house. This meant I was spending more time travelling around when I could be doing more classes!

From a student perspective it is safe, convenient and really easy to use. I suggest you check it out.

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