Expresiones graciosas en alemán - Parte 2 (Artículo en inglés y alemán)

Next time they tell you that Germans are not funny, just think of these expressions. Germans are crazy and hilarious, just like their language.

1. Du hat einen Vogel

English: You have a bird

Español: Tienes un pájaro


You are crazy.

Estás loco.


Do we need an explanation???? Just crazy Germans.

2. Ich habe die Nase voll

English: I have a full nose

Español: Tengo la nariz llena


I am fed up

Estoy harto


If you nose is full, you are definitely not happy. How do you feel when you have a cold and cannot breathe? Yes, you get the idea.

3. Einen Korb kriegen

English: To receive a basket

Español: Recibir un cubo


To be rejected by someone you are in love with.

Ser rechazado por alguien que tu quieres.


The basket you receive is empty, just like the heart of the other person is empty of love for you! How sad!

4. Alles in Butter

English: All in butter

Español: Todo en mantequilla


It´s all good, hunky-dory

Todo muy guay


Again, do you really an explanation for crazy Germans? Maybe they are happy covered in butter!

5. Lügen haben kurze Beine

English: Lies have short legs

Español: Las mentiras tienes las piernas cortas


If you lie, you will get caught out lying

Si mientes, te pillarán seguro


Having short legs means that you cannot run away quickly, so others will catch up with you easily. Similarly, lies are too slow to escape other people´s attention.

So, do you still think German is boring? Think again!

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