Have you asked 'Why' are you taking up English?

Hi all of you, It's Maite Cirera. I've been teaching English for 4 years. Some of you may have learnt English in any time, some haven't. Anyway, the topic I wanted to start this blog is that "double eich" word that really matters: WHY.

This is a simple but not-so-simple to answer question that I usually ask my students the first time I talk to them. Some tell me "For taking a job", fine, that's a usual and great objective.Because what's behind this question is an Objective, THE objective to build a useful learning path. You may think... what if I can't answer to this question clearly, or, if more than one answer comes up? Before I answer to that, I must say that for me main objective in all ways, must clearly be tempt to an enjoyable practice, that leads to self-confidence and great performance.

Well, in my opinion, that's why teachers are here. I don't think we only teach a language, but a culture, a different way-of-thinking. Learning English requires an objective, and also an aim to change our mind to a new language that, at least comparing it with Spanish or Catalan, requires another way to see and express our world. In fact, speaking English widens our world.

There is no good and wrong 'why' to learn English, there arewhy's, simply that. So, when you take up this not-so-easy but wonderful, useful and international language, before you do, just ask yourself: why I am doing this? Sure you will have extra motivation. Also, make sure that the one who is your teacher, feels true passion and pass it on you. That's, perhaps, the 'why' on the other side.


To take up: empezar (por ejemplo, un hobbie o actividad)

To come up: Surgir

To pass (something) on (somebody): contagiar (en positivo)

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