How can you improve your students listening?

No one pays attention to how fundamental can be improving the listening in the students, and listening is fundamental, this is because most of your students are learning the language to be able to verbally communicate.

Most of new teachers believe that by helping your students speak in English is great and enough to make them speak, but that will not help them in a conversation unless they can understand what others are saying.

Throughout your class, you have to be easing your students into the language by speaking slowly and giving them the chance to decode what you are trying to say. Once they go out into the world, they will have to comprehend what people are saying no matter how quickly they speak.

In this post I will help you with some tips and advices that you can apply to help you to teach your students to decode sounds, how to segment the speech, and how to summarize ideas that others are presenting.

You do not have to understand every single word that you are listening, you need to stablish warnings!, there is always a connection between the listening and the information that you are looking for, this can be determined by with a noun, a verb or even an adjective.

The first thing that you must do is make english part of your daily studies, and once you have begun listening on a regular basis, you might still be frustrated by your limited understanding. Here are a few courses of action you can take:

  • Accept the fact that you are not going to understand everything.
  • Stay relaxed when you do not understand -- even if you continue to have trouble understanding for a while.
  • Do not translate into your native language.
  • Listen for the gist (or general idea) of the conversation. Do not concentrate on details until you have understood the main idea(s).

Remeber, translating creates a barrier between the listener and the speaker. Second, most people repeat themselves constantly. By remaining calm, you can usually understand what the speaker had said.

Now that you have faced the reality that your listening needs to be worked on, we can begin with the therapy, today i will propose you a very simple yet effective therapy that will allow you to increase your level of english (for listening) as well as the speed the main goal of this is becoming accostumed to the noise that english represents however finding a conection between information and sounds.

Exercises to improve your listening

White Sound Therapy:

This is a therapy to improve the way that you listen, first I recommend you choose a podcast or any audio of your fancy and use it for this therapy, however if you do not have any you could use manythings org a very cool website completely free!

Go to the tab READING and go to Biographies in there you can choose any of those audios and proceed to the therapy:

Basic structure of the white sound Therapy

1.- Go to the website and choose an audio, most of the audios in Manythings are very good and quite fun! you end up learning very interesting things!, once you are in the website play the audio while reading the transcription of the audio, this is very important why?

it will give you lots of confidence

NOTE: if you do not understand a word, do not panic use this website, one of my favorites dictionaries online, just type "thefreedictionary"

Note: that as further practice you could do a sentence using the new word.

2.- after listening the audio play it again however this time look for the gist (verb or noun) present in the text, why? because you are creating a connection, basically, you know what you are listening, because it was read before, and now you are calibrating!, basically, you are adding "figure" to the audio.

3.- this is very important! as you are listening the gist! you must write the words that you are identifying in a piece of paper (verbs or nouns)

5.- after the listening is over confirm the words and evaluate your performance, the more you practice better will you get and more confident on your listening you will become the day of the test!

"this is all you need to improve your listening, you can increase the speed if you want to and of course if you have any questions feel free to write me to let me know!"

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