IELTS writings all that you need to know....

When it comes to IELTS one of the most scary sections is the writing, is the last section of the test, there is a huge challenge with the time, and the most important element, is that we never now what to say and whether this will be good enough or not!

here you will find some tips that i give my students and has helped them greatly:

Improving the quality of your writing has to be the most important goal if you would like to achieve a better result, within the most remarkable tools that must be developed we have the Lexical Resources:

One of the most simple ways to show an advanced level of english is with the use of these 3 gramatical elements.

🔘 First of all using the gerund or "ing" by applying this your writing will have a better fluency and will make it more "Native"

🔘 Following the "ing" is also the Passive voice which would give a more formal writing

🔘 Third is the incorporation of Modal Verbs, they are going to soften the way ideas are exposed, giving the development a nicer tone and would not make it imperative.

by incorporating these 3 elements your writings will obtain instant elevation, of course followed by the correct structure it could give a great boost to your future writings!

if you like to know more about how to improve your writings consider booking a trial class and clearing all your questions or having a package of classes with me!

let's achieve that score you are looking for!

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