Learning a language is a long journey, but in the end we all arrived

It was in September 2018 when I arrived in Durham (UK) to study a Bachelor degree in Business Management (provided by The Open University).

I had been studying a Foundation Degree in Management Assistance with International Specialization at Saint Charles College (Madrid) and during the year 2018-2019, thanks to the agreement that Saint Charles has with universities in the United Kingdom, I started my course at New College Durham. It was there I discovered that only when you have the necessary support from your teachers, are you able to get where you want.

I had been teaching Spanish since 2010 and had met all kinds of students. It was always clear to me that I had to adapt to the needs of the student, just as all my teachers had adapted to mine. But, despite the fact that the subject and the course may be the same, not all students are the same, nor can the same method be used with all of them.

At New College Durham all the students in my course studied Management, we all went to the same classroom and at the same time. The works were the same for each student and the virtual campus had the same content for the entire group. However (like each student) I was not the same as the rest, and I needed a curricular adaptation.

This experience helped me realize that each student is a world, that it is necessary to establish their own method and a personalized plan for each of them and that it is not enough to explain, correct or resolve doubts. It is also necessary to motivate, to make the student realize that he is capable of achieving it, regardless of the difficulties that arise along the way. Only when you believe in yourself, you are able to go as far as you want.

Currently I am teaching Spanish to more than 25 students of all levels, needs and goals. I am passionate about teaching and I enjoy every minute of it. This is not a temporary job due to lockdown nor because Covid-19 situation. This is my full-time job and I hope to keep doing it for many years.

I still believe that motivation is the foundation of achieving goals. No matter the pace, learning a language is a long journey, but in the end we all arrived.

And that's what I try to instill in all my students in my classes.

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