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Hello and welcome all to my first blog post...or perhaps just a hello to those I have guilt tripped into reading this out of sympathy!

I start these blogs with the intention of providing learning ideas and resources for teachers and students of all walks of life who want to improve their English, for whatever reason.

However, hopefully alongside providing useful student advices and teaching tips I hope to inspire you to create your own distinct learning style. What I suggest and give to you is only one have to find the teaching and learning style that suits you best.

Every week I will post 2 things, firstly my ideas and lesson plans for certain topics and activities that I have used myself with my students and you can do with them what you will:

If you are a Teacher

Maybe you can use and adapt these resources for your own classes.

Perhaps you can get in contact with me and review my work and we could collaborate!

If you are a Student

You can try these activities out yourself at home or with a teacher.

You can review them yourselves and consider how useful they are and cater them to your specific needs and learning plan.

And secondly a post related to informal, colloqiual English for those whom exams are not a priority but want to improve their confidence in English and develop their personalities in the language.

Simply you can just have a glance at them and request I make a specific blog post for you and your needs...please let me know...because I would love to.

On my first day of blogging I am going to simply start by posting a second blog after this introductory one with my Speaking Advice for the Cambridge Examinations . This is something that I have used with colleagues to good effect during my time teaching English and we have been able to work together to stress these points to our students.

If you are a student you can use these tips to know and understand me and my teaching ideas a little more and to see if they would interest you and hopefully you can apply these ideas when you are preparing for your own exams!

Coming next!

The wonderful and dangerous world of English Slang!

Speak soon folks!

Many Regards,


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