Bienvenido El Ministerio del Tiempo or Do be, or not do Be, that's the question!

It is the first question and the answer to this question is not a secret.

I work

You work

He,she, it works

We work

They work

Do you still have questions? Here we go:

Do I work?

Do you work?

Does he,she, it work_?

Do we work?

Do they work?

We use verbs in this way just to show general action.

e.g. I work at El Ministerio del Tiempo.

Do you like football?

He knows everything about the history of Spain.

A bit of negativity:

I do not work

You do not work

He, she, it does not work_

We do not work

They do not work

Now, Be - is a very powerful verb and it likes to changeduring time travel.
Enjoy the attached picture.

Be in the present: am, is, are
Be in the past: was, were.
Be in the future: will be

The last but not the least, you can ask when do we use "be"? Now it is time for another secret.

Remember these three cases of using “be”.

1) “be’ means location (ubicación).

e.g. I am at home.

We are in the park.

2) “be’ means state of something or someone (estado, ambos ser/estar)

e.g. I am a student - Soy estudiante.

I am married – Estoy casado.

3) –ing-, you are doing something at this moment.

e.g. You are reading this blog right now.

I am playing football.

Yeap, we add -ing- in this case.

If you still have any questions concerning this topic or any other, do not hesitate to contact me. I will assist you!

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