5 reasons for traveling to London as soon as you can

Hi there! I couldn't think of a better topic than London for my first post. Have you ever been to the capital of England? If not, you really should and I am going to give you 5 arguments to catch a plane and spend a few days (or more!) there.

1. Practice your English!

London is indeed such a good city for improving your English skills although you will find many people from Spain or South America. However, if you come across with a local you will be impressed by their kindness and politeness. It doesn't matter if you speak slow or if you are shy to talk in English, they will really appreaciate the effort you are making with it!

2. Buy cheap stuff in Candem Market

This is one of my favourite spots in London! You can find all kind of second-hand objects for very reasonable prices. The market itself is so charming and unique that it's really worthed it to stop by even if you do not plan to buy anything. Tip: make sure you bring cash with you just in case they do not take credit card!

3. Get crazy with their weather

The weather in UK is really a thing! It can be sunny and literally 5 minutes later the sky turns into gray and it starts raining. When I lived in Bournemouth, southern England, I was really confused about the clothes I should wear!

4. Enjoy the delicious fish and chips

Well, it's true that the food is not the biggest attraction of London, but the classic fish and chips is a must when visiting the city! It's the cheapest meal option and I would recommend to eat it as a take-away dish in one of their incredible parks.

5. Take a tour on a red bus and visit the highlights

There are sooo many spots to visit in the city and some of them are far from each other, so I would consider taking a hop-on hop-off tour with one of the iconic red buses! You will be amazed by the life of the city and you will discover so many more places than if you take the underground instead.

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