My schoolbag and notes about my daily life at school

There's something we must never forget to do every night before going to sleep and that's keep in our schoolbag everything we'll need to use at school and prepare the following day and go to sleep with a smile in our face.

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Our schoolbag keeps more than our own books, it keeps our agenda and our notes. Our notes? I don't mean the notebooks, I mean those notes we write to remember a date, a mark from an exam, a telephone from a mate or even a book we are asked to read. The way the students keep organized is very important.

Those notes should be kept in an agenda but unfortunately not everyone loves agendas and we tend to keep those notes in post-its or some little papers. Well, today I'm going to propose you an alternative to those post-its we may lose. What do you think it could be? Have you guess?

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We live in a world where our mobile phones seem attached to our hands and we are not aware of all the things we can do with this small device. Our phones are like smal computers and we may keep a lot of things in them. We can use that app called notes to create our own agendaor if we think that could be a task I'll forget to do daily, we can use voice notes added to the calendar

From now on we're trying to get profit of this device. We may create a whatsapp group of the class in which all participants share important dates of exams or handing on works, even names of books we must read. It would be nice there were some people in charge to write the homework asked daily. These persons could change every month or as the group decides. This option of having a group of whatsaap could be a really good idea.

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There are more things we can do with our phones to help with our daily life at school, but this will be talked in further articles. I hope you liked this. Thanks for reading.

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