Speaking is one of the most challenging skills of the IELTS test but it gets easy once you know it

IELTS Speaking test consists of 3 parts and overly lasts between 11-14 minutes.

In Part 1 the examiner asks some daily topic questions such as describing your occupation or talking about where you live. Here you need to answer each question with 2-4 sentences using moderate level of Grammar and Vocabulary. This part takes 5 minutes.

Part 2 examiner gives you a Cue card and asks you to tell a story for about 2 minutes non-stop, you have 1 minutes to think about what you are going to say and take some notes. In this part you are required to use a very wide range of English grammar and vocabulary while avoiding repetition.

In the end the examiner will ask you some relative questions based on the part 2 topic. You need to use a very formal way to discuss your opinions and reasons with the examiner. This part lasts for about 5 minutes.

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In each part different methods are used in order to extend your conversation in a way to avoid repetition however keeping your sentences rich in grammar and vocabulary. First thing everyone needs to know is the criteria of the IELTS Speaking test. Knowing that you will be able to perform better and focus on those parts that are more important for the examiner. For instance by knowing that there are only 5 general topics for part 2 of test, you will have the ability to practice on it and be prepared for the test day.

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