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Taking the GMAT versus taking the GRE-- some comparisons


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Some business schools and some finance and economics programs will accept either the GMAT or the GRE.  If you can submit scores from either exam and you are wondering which to take, here are some differences to keep in mind.



The concepts on the math sections of each exam are the same—and the level of difficulty doesn’t get higher than quadratic equations.  The concepts on the math sections include: number properties (would it be even or odd, would it be positive or negative, would it be greater or smaller…), algebra (including word problems), geometry, coordinate geometry, ratios, rates, percent, averages, probabilities, permutations & combinations, and some other basic statistics.


The main difference between the GRE and GMAT is that on the GRE you can use a calculator on the screen for simple operations.  On the GMAT there is no calculator so you must have a certain agility and facility with manipulating numbers and operations quickly.  (If you decide to take the GMAT, start reviewing your multiplication tables and learn the squares from 1 to 15 squared.)


In terms of types of questions, both exams have multiple choice problem-solving questions.  The GMAT also has Data Sufficiency questions, for which you must determine whether the certain additional conditions are sufficient to answer the original question.  The GRE has Quantitative Comparison, for which you must determine which quantity is greater.  Data Sufficiency and Quantitative Comparison questions are simply different—neither type is really much harder than the other.



Both the GMAT and the GRE have Reading Comprehension—the passages on the GRE might be slightly more difficult, but there is no serious difference in the level of difficulty.

Both exams have Critical Reasoning questions- the logic problems- though the GMAT has many more.


The main difference between the 2 exams is that the GRE has very difficult vocabulary questions while the GMAT has Sentence Correction for which you must be able to identify the answer choice that is grammatically correct and/or conforms to what is considered the best style of written expression. 

Both the vocabulary questions on the GRE and the Sentence Correction questions on the GMAT are hard, especially for non-native speakers.


There are some rules and tricks you can learn for Sentence Correction; for the GRE, the best thing you can do is to read, read, and read…and to make yourself  look up all words you don’t know.  

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