Teaching children of the 4-6 year old group

Children can be divided into 2 main age groups: 4-6 and 7-9 years old. In the following article we are going to learn about the 4-6-year-old kids, who has just begun their learning path and are getting ready for school.

They have an inner motivation to learn and the process of studying is like a game for them. Kids are very active and can’t focus attention for a lot of time, yet. That’s why the optimal lesson’s length for this age group is 25 minutes (2-3 times per week). The first lesson is very important. If it goes well, kids won’t be shy on further lessons and will be eager to learn and play.

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Kids of this age are very sensitive to praise from adults – that’s why it is essential to give them “prizes” for their active participance in the lesson. A “prize” can be a colouring book, stars/ strawberries/ planes cut from a paper or drawn. Among the tools which can also be used with this age group are a puppet, online and table games, videos and cartoons, printable materials, plasticine.

While playing gamesit is important to establish rules and let a child win, because this age group doesn’t like to lose. Kids of this age love repeating everything after the teacher (both actions and words), so it makes it easier for them to remember new words and improve pronunciation. That’s why it is important to “drill” the new words – repeat them 2-3 times and use chants and songs to remember better.

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There is also a game called “Simon says”, which can be used to learn the verbs. In this game a child moves or does the action only if a teacher said the correct verb.

To conclude, I would like to say that every kid is capable of learning English. It is important to understand that children have different learning rhythm. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have private classes, while in school to get better results the children must be in line with other students. The best practice in this case is to try to begin to learn as early as possible to go ahead of the program in school, to be able to learn English step-by-step – not only to complete a homework.

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