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February 25, 2020.

I find myself excited to be an English Professor in Spain. Every day that passes I feel more, and more Spanish. Every day it feels more, and more like home. I feel... If one day, I leave, and move elsewhere there is the possibility of missing this place. 

My flat. 

Tartas, empanadas, biscochoz... You name it. You will find it here in Spain. It is amazing the diversity you find here. I live with two great people in a two bedroom flat; northern side of Spain. The two individual´s names are Maxi and Roberto. They are both from South America: Paraguayan to be exact. They met in Spain in the city of Madrid. 


I have become extremly close to Roberto. I have had walks with him to El Corte Ingles, a Spanish merchandising shop that pretty much carries everything you can imagine. I have taken notice, I have been spending more, and more time with Roberto. He has shown me so much hospitality in the small amount of days I have been in their residence. He has pointed out that most of my mannerisms resmble an American. He over hears me speak English day in, and day out. He says I walk, talk, and aspire like an American. Part of me feels proud. Part of me does not know what to think. I am in Spanish soil, yet I feel like an American. 


Topic of discussion.

I arrived to the United States when I was three years old. All I know, and all I breath is American. I think of all the positive aspects that America brings. It is the home of the free; the home of the brave. It is also the home of the super stars. Los Angeles, where anyting can happen. Without the Americans we would not have seen super stardom. We would not have seen mega corporations in the world like McDonalds. There are many elements that America brings to the table. These are matters you do not see in Spain. In Spain, you see, culture, you see family. Probably everything that should be; the things that matter in life. In America, people are so career driven; they tend to lose sight of what truly matters. I had these two elements in my life. Family, friends, everything, but part of me lost it all. So... I decided to move to Spain. I wanted to start my life again. Regain social status. So after years, here I am, being an English Professor for everyone who feels worthy. Yet, I have gained social insight into the British. 

The British

As I have mentioned before, I have gained social insight into the British by one person in particular, Peter. He is incredible. He is from England, and allows me to practice my accent with him. I, in some way relate incredibly to the British. The British care about their literature. I, on one hand, care. I have the most beyond belief request.  I would like my children to be in private school, so they can expirience the prestigue of British School. I have grown up in that atmosphere, and would like to share that expirience with my own offspring. I went to a public school myself. However, I did something different that stood me out. I participated in something called Speech and Debate. Speech and Debate carries two entities. It is a matter, where you interpret people´s hardships through theatrical acts, and a place that allows you to be in the doorsteps of Congress. In this era, I met people all over the United States: New York, Texas, California all over the 50 states. It allowed me to see that there is a world outside my four year school. I also got to expierience Harvard University, Cambridge. In this phase, I became more and love with the idea of private school. I want my child to be enriched with all original origins of sort. Such as Spanish from the Spaniards, and English from the Englanders. I have come to the conclusion that I am in love with both being an American, and in part being an aspiring English ambasador.

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