Language learning and methodologies - some ideas to help you.

To help students improve their speaking and listening skills, lessons with 'MiProfe' are based on modern teaching techniques, using some of the best methodologies including direct and communicative practice.

Until the late 1970s, the 'grammar-translation' method prevailed. Often, students translated almost everything to their mother tongue (in this case, Spanish) while learning lots of grammar theory.

These days, the most successful language teaching professionals use modern, highly effective methodologies which bring early results for the majority of learners. The focus is on speaking and listening in the new language, with students' objectives in mind.

For the best results, lessons are almost entirely in the new (or second) language with only a few exceptions later on - for example, reverse translations, i.e. Spanish to English to practise, and when learning about false cognates ("false friends" ). For instance, did you know that 'actually' in English does not mean the same as 'actualmente' in Spanish?

If you are progressing towards the intermediate levels, a good general English course will include a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • Vocabulary acquisition techniques.
  • Linguistic foundations, including word order.
  • Verbal agility.
  • Asking questions correctly.
  • Conversational short answers.
  • Active listening to develop comprehension.
  • Pronunciation, intonation, and sentence stress.
  • Avoiding common mistakes.
  • Native speech patterns.
  • Lesson topics to suit your learning objectives.

Do you want to speak English or do you want to practise translating everything to Spanish?

There is a big difference!

Regrettably, there are specific low-quality pages, amateur pronunciation guides and mistaken ideas (or rip-offs, i.e. estafas) out there. Unfortunately, they will not help you on your journey towards the above goals of developing verbal expression (speaking) and auditory comprehension (listening).

In the end, using books and Internet resources in isolation will not ensure the best results. There is little or no substitute for dynamic lessons, guidance, tuition and coaching with an experienced, native language teacher.

If you would like to know more about language lessons, coaching and support with MiProfe, click above to get in contact this instant.

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