Teaching Online ... Group or One to One Lessons?

Do you think I was a good student? It was not the worst but I was never number one either. I have never been an ordinary girl and I have always needed to make a great effort to keep up with others. Unfortunately, primary, secondary and high school education is still a group.

I was born and raised in Spain and there is no homeschooling here ... I wish I could have had a personal tutor and the opportunity to follow my own rhythm!.However, I did have many private teachers who made up for the difficulties I had day after day at school.

That is why I do not believe in group classes as a method of learning a language. It can be beneficial to meet new people and even learn from other colleagues. But it's very important to remember that we all have our own rhythm and way of learning. As a student, it was not easy for me to follow a group rhythm and as a teacher, I have not been able to offer the best service to several students at the same time.

After several tries and trials, I think the best option is a One to One class fully adapted to the student's level, pace, needs and goals.

Many of my students start with me after leaving group classes where they can hardly participate, some even with 8 students per session!

As a teacher, I understand the need for many other teachers to earn more money in the same hour, but I personally give more importance to professionalism, customer service and quality of the lesson.It is more important to earn less money if that means earning greater recognition and loyalty from my students.

This is how a true vocational teacher differs him/herself!

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