• The pleasures of reading English.....Ta...

The pleasures of reading English.....Take the plunge and enjoy!!!


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Hello all!!

This time i am going to do something different to the previous blogs and that is to write in english....I think it is where i feel more comfortable! ;)

In today´s blog i want to focus on one of the most important skills ever known: Reading.

As you may have noticed, reading is a rich skill where society and the actual reading skill interect. From my personal point of view, it is one of the most fulfilling and worthwhile past-times. Also it is one of the most effective ways of practicing and learning a language, specially English. You may ask yourselves why is that, well here you have one of the most interesting examples. English has a complex phonetical structure and someone who is not a native english speaker finds it very hard to grasp the correct pronounciation of a word. That is why during my english classes, i focus on making my students read texts from the most easiest to the most hardest, so they get to practice their own pronounciation, get to know why the words are said in such a way and also to learn interesting historical events. I think from my own experience teaching english, it is a very enjoyable way of learning.

By reading you also get to train your hearing and conversational skills. Getting to listen to the teacher reading and also getting to listen to your own voice is a very effective way of grasping english phonetics. 

Last but not least, i present my own quick tip. Take any text that may interest you. Read it and underline the words that you may not understand. Go over the text again, when you have grasped the words you did not understand at first. You will see that at this point, you will undertstand the text much better and will be able to discuss it with your teacher. It is a great way of debating about something so worthwhile and will be a great learning experience for you. From my own experience and from the feedback i get from my own students, the classes fly by and when you least notice it, the class has finished and you are left asking for more!!!!

Enjoy the pleasures of reading! Build your own library and build your own language skills by reading, reading and reading.......!!!!!


Till next time..... :)

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