Can you live ( and love ) many lives in just one ?

Hi everybody ! My name is Monica and I am Italian ( I bet you can all guess that by my surname). Before I introduce myself properly allow me to answer the question I posed in the title. Not only do I think you can but I believe the more the better. I guess that having a few years of experience given also age, makes you wiser and more experienced in general but, depending on the life you live, also a collector of new experiences.

How do I qualify myself? I am a lawyer, a lecturer, a professor, a dance perfomer, an actress, a yoga teacher and now also an English teacher. More importantly I am a mother ( the best thing I have done so far) and also a traveller which is also been and still is a very important part of my life. Can you be more than one thing in one life ? Does it make you less believable or less reliable? I don't think it does. This is something I learnt in my years in the UK and in the US: you don't necessarily have to be one thing or only have one profession throughout your life. This belongs more to my culture and also as far as I have seen, to Spanish culture: once an architect always an architect, once a rock musician always a rock musician.Should an architect convert into a masseur or a rock musician into a tax expert he or she would not be taken very seriously. But why is that ?

I think a profession doesn't make you what you really are also because a lot of people choose a job over their true passion and only in some cases they make their passion their profession. You have to know someone to see what he or she really is and not only stop at the job they do. What is the downside? You don't belong to any category, you don't look or behave the way people expect you to if you belong to that category and you always raise the question: can you do many things well at the same time even if they are so different from one another?

You can but there will always be a difference between the things that you do with passion and the ones you do without and it will always show, no matter how hard you try to make them just in the same way.

I belive it is very important to focus on what you really want especially at a certain point in your life where things have to go towards pleasure more than duty.

Having said that, at this point of my life I realize that teaching is what I want to do. Teaching is a beautiful and rewarding experience because sharing knowledge is essential to progress. And when you teach with passion is even better this is why I think I started collecting appreciation which so far has been very rewarding. Stay passionate !

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