My Love for Teaching started when I was really young...

Everything started when I was more or less 16. My mother used to tell me that I was gonna end up being a teacher, but at that time I wanted to be a scientist ,so I was just thinking about studying Chemistry, Biology and Physics . So at that time, when I was just 16, I used to spend the afternoons teaching to my classmates or friends any subject related to science, like Math. They even paid me with presents and candy. I didn´t ask them to pay me but as they felt thankful, they wanted me to know.

Two years later I started a science degree and after 5 years I graduated from science school with a biochemistry degree. I spent all those years teaching my classmates and friends and enjoying being in the lab when there was someone new to teach them anything about it. However, after a few months of being there, a very stormy day, I was bymyselfat the lab and as I didn´t have anybody to teach anything, I sadly realized that it wasn´t the lab what made me really happy. It was actually the fact that I had others interested in being tought by me. Therefore, a few years later I became an ESL ( English as a secondary teacher) and I started teaching English to foreign people who arrive to the US without knowing anything or who just have a pretty low level which is not enough to work or study.

In addition, as I was raise by a Spanish mother and grandmother plus an Italian father ,being surrounded by languages was a normal thing to me. As a matter of fact, I´m currently improving my level of Italian because I have always wanted to do it as a tribute to my father. A man who was born in the US, but who came from a very hard working Italian family. He taught me to be strong, determined and hard working....

I thank my students because they have been teaching me a lot during all these years. I wouldn´t be as good as I am if it wasn´t for them.

Happy Valentine´s is in the air

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