Gramática básica del curso "inglés para trabajadores". Temario "Restaurante y Bar": Wh-questions.

Type of lesson: english on-line/present and practice lesson.

Levels to practice: Between A2 and B1.1 (it’s also going to be needed some A1 vocabulary and grammatical structures to get a certain prove of the student’s level)

Topic: Basic grammatical structures to ask WH-questions. Conversational space. Verbs and vocabulary (Restaurant and Bar).

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Basic grammatical structures to ask WH-questions:

What are the WH-questions and what do we use them for?

The WH-questions are all those questions that start with:

  • What
  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How
  • Whose
  • Which

We can never answer these questions with YES or NO, it must be answered with a sentence that exposes some kind of explanation, for example:

  • What are you doing? - I am studying english.
  • Who are you talking to? - I am talking to my English teacher.
  • Where do you live? - I live quite far from here.
  • When did you decide to start studying English? - I decided to start studying English a few months ago.
  • Why do you want to study English? - I want to study English because I kinda need it for my job?
  • How do you need it for your job? - I am currently a waitress and I have a lot of english clients and I need to improve my English skills.

*Have you noticed what happened to all of the question’s structures we used? They all have the same grammatical structure.

The main structure of the WH-questions is:

WH-question’s pronoun + (auxiliary or modal) verb + subject + (main) verb, but if we ask a question with the WH-questions whose or which, the structure is not going to be the same, for example:

Whose phone is ringing? - My phone is ringing or mine.

Which T-Shirt is yours? - The one with the big letters on the front.

This type of questions have different structure:

WH-question’s pronoun + object + (auxiliary or main) verb + adjective, preposition, verb, pronoun, etc.

Now let’s use them on a "Bar and Restaurant" dialog:


Write a dialog of your own that contains all of the WH-questions we used today and it should have a concordance with the “Bar and Restaurant” topic to train the vocabulary.

1.1 - Try to use as many different vocabulary verbs, adjectives and pronouns as possible to perfect your dialog.

1.2 - Practice the dialog on your own and be aware of your pronunciation.

1.3 - Record yourself reading the dialog to listen to it and to be capable of getting your own mistakes.

2. This is a fill in the blank: Grammar

When ____ you _____ to ____ again? I love serving your favorite coffee. (verb - to come + future time)

How __ __ _______ that you didn’t finish your drink? - Because I think I've already drunk too much. (verb - to be possible - present time)

What ____ you _____ with the bottles? - I'm orginizing this whole place. (verb - to do - continuous present)

3. Type of Exercise: Vocabulary training.

Dialog between two people: Waiter/ress (who the student plays) and a random client.

Place: Bar

Situation: Client Service

*Verbos A1 y A2 que el estudiante ya debe dominar para llevar a cabo este tipo de ejercicios:

  • Be – Ser/estar
  • Have – Tener
  • Do – Hacer
  • Make – Hacer
  • Get – Conseguir
  • Take – Tomar
  • Try – Intentar
  • Know – Saber
  • Think – Pensar
  • Feel – Sentir
  • See – Ver
  • Watch - ver
  • Give – Dar
  • Bring – Traer
  • Buy – Comprar
  • Cost – Costar
  • Break – Romper
  • Put – Poner
  • Eat – Comer
  • Sleep – Dormir
  • Drink – Beber
  • Understand – Entender
  • Write – Escribir
  • Read – Leer
  • Speak – Hablar
  • Tell – Decir
  • Meet – Encontrarte (con alguien)
  • Teach – Enseñar
  • Learn – Aprender
  • Send – Enviar
  • Forget – Olvidar
  • Dream – Soñar
  • Pay – Pagar
  • Sell – Vender
  • Call – Llamar
  • Play – Jugar
  • Drive – Manejar
  • Travel – Viajar


Client - Hello, there!

Waiter/ress - free greeting.

Client - I’m searching for a place where people serve good cocktails. Please, tell me I’m at the right bar.

Waiter/ress - free answer.

Client - How can you assure me that I’m going to get a good drink here? What makes it so special?

Waiter/ress - free answer and explanation (depending on the student’s answer…. the dialog continues).


Prepare a presentation about yourself, everything you think it’s important to know about you and get ready for a job’s interview.

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