• Is Grammar Boring? or Have you Ever Had...

Is Grammar Boring? or Have you Ever Had a Good Teacher?

As you come from boring English classes where everything is about grammar, grammar and more grammar; no practical English at all has been the main problem for people to think that learning grammatical rules is not worth or interesting.

However, I completely disagree. Grammar is everywhere...although we don´t notice because we don´t think about it...somehow it´s like math, chemistry to physics.....or even biology.

Have you ever thought of that? we apply and use grammar rules all the time... we also break them, sometimes because we barely know how to use them or sometimes because we simply don´t pay attention.

Therefore, the mystery lies in learning grammar, but also use it in the practice. For instance:

If you learn the verb tenses and how to write questions with or without auxiliaries, after that, ask questions to your teacher, friends, and relatives. Make sure you know how to ask and don´t forget that in English we also have indirect questions which we use a lot, all the time.

While you watch a movie, remember that that movie is also a class. Take your time, watch alone or with people who want to learn English as well as you. Stop the movie, that way you´ll write down phrases and expressions you find useful and interesting to you. Don´t use subtitles! Yes, I know, it´s not easy, but the truth is that if you keep using them...your ears will depend on them, and as a consequence, you will take longer to be able to understand and improve your listening.

Read a lot!! and don´t translate, if you read books that are your level, you won´t need to translate. I know! you will find some vocabulary that is new, but if you understand the context...keep going!! or if it´s too difficult you might have to change the book.

To sum up, if you follow those pieces of advice, I can assure you that you´ll be using and improving your grammar and your skills at the same time.

Have a great Sunday!


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