Do vs Make. Do mistake or Make mistake?

These two words may be baffling, but we can't do without them in our speech.

In this article, we are going to discuss the basic difference between them and I will give you 14 collocations where "make" and "do" are used.

The basic difference between "do" and "make" is that we use "do" for general activities (jobs, hobbies, etc) and we use "make" when we talk about producing something.

In other words, we use "do" with more abstract things and "make" when we build or create something.

Let's compare

do work vs make a presentation

do exercise vs make some tea

Both of these verbs form part of different collocations. In these collocations, you shouldn't pay attention to whether something is abstract, general activity, or a result. The best way is to remember them. Practice these collections in your speech, make sentences or stories with them.

7 collocations with "do"

do business - My husband and I are doing a family business

do well - Sarah thinks she did pretty well in the exam

do a crossword - I prefer doing crosswords in my free time

do someone good - Eating vegetables will do you good

do time (=to be imprisoned) - Josh committed a crime and now he's doing time

do harm - Mary spilled red wine on her shirt and when she was trying to wipe it she did more harm

do the washing up - In my family I am the only person who does the washing up after dinner

7 collocations with "make"

make money - People who work in insurance make a lot of money

make the bed - I always make the bed after getting up

make believe - When John was a child he always made believe that he was a young prince

make a mistake - I think I failed my exam because I made a lot of mistakes

make time - Keith hopes that during his vacation he will make tome for his hobbies

make up your mind! - Stop hesitating. Make up your mind already!

make an appointment - He made an appointment with his doctor this Friday

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