No doubt, write your future, study abroad

Welcome to the travel of what it would be tomorrow´s education. The crew today is going to be an international student currently living in Canada. The weather conditions are… The time that it´ll take to get to our destination is… Every year, a lot of students study abroad hearing this sentences as they start their trip. They might be pushed by their parents or by their own desire. The experience is different for each one, but for all is being out of our zone of comfort. Living away from home makes students grow in multiple areas such as increasing their mental capacity, giving them independence and creating a new view of the world. Hope you enjoy the trip!

Beginnings are nerve racking, just as the moment before your plane sets off, and so do happens with starting the experience. No one is prepared for anything in life, however everyone should know how to deal with daily-life problems without having to ask an adult because one day, unfortunately, they will not be there. Your future is written by the choices you have made throughout your life, and study abroad will write an entire chapter in there, setting a before and after. Parents should increment these kinds of opportunities for their children as education has changed, same has happened with the way of learning.

Eventually, there would be turbulences, which makes the travel a little bit more difficult. These difficulties come from the new language that the students will have to front with hard-working skills; a fantastic ability asked in all types of jobs, after all is not that bad. Honestly, expressing yourself not in your mother´s language is challenging but it gives a bunch of new vocabulary and ways of explaining situations, developing the brain in order to open new ways of thinking. Students, realize that now is your time, realize that your future is on your hands and do something with what is given to you even if hard times come by.

The experience is about respecting those cultural things that will teach how to respect everyone else. The students get to know a large variety of points of view that will create a critical opinion of what they really think and feel, growing up not physically, but psychologically.

Landing… More feelings of nervousness are attached to this moment; everything has finished. It was my pleasure to lead you through this amazing experience of what it would be for you or your child to study abroad. The advantages are so wide and they will content either the person who does it because the effects will stay on him forever, or the adults who will have what they have been asking for so long, development. Nevertheless, you, the traveler, are the important person who will grow in so many aspects, ending being a mature young adult. The experience is not a year in a life, is a life in a year. Thanks for travelling with me.

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