Are stereotypes in the end true about our origin?


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HI there everyone!

have you ever wonder what defines us a citizens of a specific country? and do they actually define us?

finally what are the typical stereotypes that usually and mostly certnaily annoy us?

I'm Italian and I can tell you that we are all about stereotypes and generilization. We're defo famous for PIZZA (which is actually delicious especially in Naples!), pasta, in that we eat a lot of it...(generalization as not everybody has the time to cook at home or the financial resources to go out as often), ice cream (I must say we do produce very good ice-cream, however we've been very good at exporting this tradition so in the end good ice-cream can be found outside Italy too.). Our men seem to be very charming and good lovers, well I will not comment on this ;-)!!!

Then I moved to the UK where I spend a very long time.  As for the UK I can think of how rainy it is or it looks like most of the time, how the food is all about fish and chips and pies which they are actually pretty nice and they probably drink a lot. Oh, let's not forget about our lovely Queeny (the real symbol perhaps?).But are these just stereotypes or is there some kind of truth?

Let's find out how much truth there is and please feel free to comment or add more also about your country...




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